Member Services

By becoming a member of the Intimate Apparel Association of India, individuals and companies can avail of a plethora of benefits that would be elusive otherwise. The association has been formed with the sole aim of expanding and improving the industry and the members are among those who are instrumental in bringing about vital changes that herald a new era in the world of intimate wear in India. The association is dedicated to promote all the interests of its members employing all methods permissible by law.

Members of the IAAI will have the following privileges

  • The association shall strive to bring in reforms that will benefit each member and help him grow and expand his business efficiently. Every step will be taken keeping in mind the needs of each and every member, however big or small his enterprise maybe.
  • The association shall also do everything in its power to protect the rights of its members. This includes fighting against any government policy that may prove detrimental to the interest of the intimate apparel industry and its members.
  • The members of the IAAI have the privilege to use the association logo on their stationery and correspondence to assert that they are affiliated with it.
  • The members of the IAAI will be able to attend seminars and workshops organised by the association and participate in various trade fairs and exhibitions that it holds.
  • The association will also act as a mediator between retailers, distributors, suppliers or manufacturers in case of any disputes or disagreements and strive to improve the overall relations among the various players in the industry.
  • The association members will have the privilege of availing statistics collected, classified and circulated by the association and also have access any other information regarding any trade, commerce and industry in relation to the intimate apparel industry.
  • The members can avail of educational courses arranged by the association, custom designed keeping in mind the needs of the intimate apparel industry and have access to special libraries and clubs that the association plans to open for its members’ benefit.
  • The members of the association may turn to the IAAI for assistance regarding registration with various authorities, how to apply for various manufacturing and export licenses, and in general to help with paper work and documentation in India.