President’s Note

It gives me immense pleasure to address you from this forum of the Intimate Apparel Association of India, the apex body striving to bring more success and development to the intimate apparel industry of India. As is the case with most great achievements, the idea of having a dedicated association for the intimate apparel industry of the country sprouted from a noble and visionary thought. Seeing that it is by far the fastest growing segment of the apparel industry in India, the intimate apparel business at this point in time needs a steering force that would guide it into a more illustrious and distinguished future.

Like any budding trade, our industry too faces certain challenges, which can be overcome only by posing a united front. A combination of innovative ventures, creative campaigns and well planned strategies is what the association aims to implement to ensure that we grow at an accelerated pace and combat our hurdles efficiently. The association has been formed on one simple yet strong objective – To promote, advance, expand, and develop Indian intimate apparel industry such that it may soon be a force to reckon with not only in the Indian markets, but also globally. We intend to fulfil this objective through awareness campaigns, setting up educational institutions, organising exhibitions and seminars and many other such endeavours that would propel our growth.

It is my strong belief that fate has put us all in this place, at this time for a significant reason – to be a part of this wonderful era of the intimate apparel industry of India. We have the opportunity, right here right now, to make a difference, not only in our lives, for our generation, but also for all those to follow. As a founder member and the first president of the IAAI, I extend a warm welcome to all our members and hope that we can chart a new chapter in the history of the intimate apparel industry of India.