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IAAI garners strong support from northern region.

On 26th July 2010, the newly formed Intimate Apparel Association of India (IAAI) organised a meeting for the northern region players of the industry to announce and explain the objectives of the IAAI. The meeting chaired by the President of the association Mr. Rakesh Grover and the Hon. Secretary, Mr. Sanjay Dawar, was attended by forty manufacturers from North India. The meeting witnessed an interesting and interactive question-answer session where the participants asked the association members various doubts that they had about different aspects of IAAI, which Mr. Grover and Mr. Dawar patiently and convincingly answered.

By the end of the meeting, the IAAI had garnered considerable support from the northern region with 35 out of the 40 attendees enrolling themselves in the association on the spot! All present at the meeting unanimously decided to have 8 members, join the managing committee which in turn will form a Northern Region Sub Committee. These 8 eminent members are: – Mr. Kunwar Singh (Chairman, Northern Sub Committee), Mr. Raj Kumar Jain (Sr. Vice Chairman, Northern Sub Committee), Mr. Atul Jain (Vice Chairman, Northern Sub Committee), Mr. Raju Malhotra (Vice Chairman, Northern Sub Committee), Mr. V.K. Bajaj (Hon. Secretary, Northern Sub Committee), Mr. Jitender Gupta (Jt. Hon. Secretary, Northern Sub Committee), Mr. Amit Singh (Hon. Treasurer, Northern Sub Committee), Mr. Sachin Gupta (Jt. Hon. Treasurer, Nothern Sub Committee).